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Shipping & Returns

Southern Cross Supplies shall bear all freight costs of delivering goods to the Customer where the Customer’s place of business is situated within a metropolitan area within New South Wales provided that the order meets the minimum commercial value.

Deliveries to customers situated outside of the metropolitan area of New South Wales shall incur a delivery fee per delivery as advised by Southern Cross Supplies to the Customer on an order-by-order basis.

Where Customer orders are below a minimum commercial value determined by Southern Cross Supplies, a delivery fee will be levied for each delivery. The minimum commercial value and administration fee will be advised by Southern Cross Supplies and may be varied from time to time without prior written notice.

Customer Returns

The following terms and conditions apply to Customer’s returns:

  • Customer must contact the Southern Cross Supplies office via phone or email within 72hrs of receiving your items.
  • If an incorrect item has been delivered, please DO NOT OPEN IT. Southern Cross Supplies will not accept any returns or provide refunds of items that have been opened, used, tampered with or not in their original condition.
  • Southern Cross Supplies must authorise all returns.
  • Chilled items being returned must be stored at between 0°C and 5°C
  • Frozen items being returned must be stored appropriately at -18°C or less.
  • Prior to processing refund or exchanges, customers are required to send pictures of defects to the office or contact your sales representative for inspection.
  • Retail customers will be required to return the product to Southern Cross Supplies retail store and require a receipt or proof of purchase for a refund.


Clearance Items

Food can be legally sold after a “best before” date. However, it is expected that the food may lose some of its quality after this date.

From time to time, Southern Cross Supplies will sell items that have passed their Best Before Date at a discounted rate.

If you purchase a clearance item, you accept that the food may have lost some of its quality. We do not offer refund for clearance items.

Season Special/Special Order Purchase Items

Season Special items, e.g. Easter/Christmas items, and Special Order Purchase items have been purchased especially for you, cannot be returned except when damaged at time of delivery, as they can’t be otherwise resold.

Change of Mind

Given the nature of products that we are selling being food related and mostly perishable, etc. We do not offer any refund if you simply change your mind in order to maintain the highest level of quality of the products.